Student Air Travel Association

The Student Air Travel Association (SATA) is an international membership association of student travel agencies who share a commitment to provide affordable and accessible travel to young people. Recognising that student travellers are a unique customer niche, SATA began more than 30 years ago to provide specialised air travel products that meet young people’s unique needs.

SATA is best known for the "SATA type ticket", a uniform flight ticket providing special fares to full-time students and youth under 26. SATA tickets are negotiated via Ticket Acceptance Agreements between air carriers and individual SATA members.

SATA members and agents of the SATA ticket have established a distribution network of 2,500 retail outlets worldwide. As student and youth travellers have a specific need for flexibility and often change plans or make new ones on the road, this network ensures that they can find a SATA ticket agent almost anywhere they go. This distribution network and level of customer service are unique and are what makes the SATA ticket so attractive to students.

Eligibility is a cornerstone of the SATA agreement. Purchasers of special eligibility fares MUST be either students or youth under 26, and must provide either an ISIC or IYTC to substantiate their eligibility.