International Student Surface Travel Association

Established in 1992, the International Student Surface Travel Association (ISSA) is one of the newest ISTC Associations. It works to facilitate special surface travel products for students and youth. Through ISSA, student travel agencies and organisations from around the world co-operate to research and develop new rail, bus, coach and urban transport travel opportunities.

ISSA works closely with its sister association, the International Student Identity Card Association, to give discount providers a means to identify eligibility for special concessions through the ISIC-the International Student Identity Card.

Business Partners

Businesses interested in offering an ISSA discount or benefit and using the ISIC as the eligibility document click here for more details.

Of special mention is our business partners Samara James, who are hosting a joint competition in celebration of the merging of ISTC and the FIYTO. See here for more videos to get that edge in the competition!

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