International Association for Student Insurance Services

Protecting students and young travellers with an insurance policy specifically tailored to their unique needs was one of the earliest collective efforts of ISTC Members. In 1951, members of the International Association for Student Insurance Services (IASIS) developed the International Student Insurance Services (ISIS).

Over the years the ISIS product has become more sophisticated and refined to meet the needs of travelling students and youth. Through IASIS, ISTC members have a forum to refine the ISIS product, to develop new forms of student insurance coverage, to assess market demand, and to represent the needs of the community to the insurance industry.

Why Us?

IASIS has a special bi-lateral arrangement with Gouda Insurance as the sole supplier of the ISIS product. Gouda Insurance is specialised in international travel and expatriate insurance and is dedicated to the development of the student insurance product, and is constantly working to improve it to serve the needs of student and youth travellers, and IASIS members.

Reliable insurance coverage designed especially for students and youth is key to a peace of mind travel experience.