The ISTC was established in 1949 by university student unions to make a travel affordable for students. Today more than 70 specialist student travel companies work through the not-for-profit member associations of the ISTC to further this goal. They specialise in securing students benefits in the areas of flights, insurance, ground transport, work exchange programmes and international identity cards. The ISTC network includes more than 5000 offices in over 200 countries. Members collectively serve 10 million students each year.

WYSE Confederation

The International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) and Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations (FIYTO) have now merged to form the World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation. To celebrate this union, we are hosting a competition with Samara James to give away a diamond ring worth £2000 which has been kindly supplied by Samara James.

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